About Us

Our story begins with our two beautiful and amazing daughters, Mila and Zoe. Their fascination and love for mom’s jewelry inspired me to make jewelry for them. Creating pieces for them ignited a passion, and I realized that this could be more than just a hobby; this could be a business.

Taking the first two letters of our daughters' names, Zoe and Mila, we came up with the name ZOMI GEMS. Starting up wasn’t easy. We explored various online platforms like Etsy and Amazon, and even tried door-to-door sales. Our big break happened when we were discovered on Instagram by the Today Show. This was great motivation and an amazing experience.


We were later featured on the New York Live show and our local Fox 11 Good Day LA, where my daughter Mila modeled our latest jewelry on-air.


As demand soared, my husband joined me, leaving his own career to grow our brand. Today, we work as a family to bring new and exciting accessories for all kids. And with our newest little addition, our baby boy Gio, we are now inspired to create even more.


ZomiGems :


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